76ers' Simmons hits Raptors' Lowry with elbow to groin | News Coverage from USA

76ers’ Simmons hits Raptors’ Lowry with elbow to groin

Things took a contentious turn during Game 3 between the Philadelphia 76ers and Toronto Raptors when Ben Simmons caught Kyle Lowry in the groin with an elbow Thursday night.

During the second quarter, the pair was jockeying for position under the Philadelphia basket when Simmons jumped over Lowry’s back to try to reach a rebound. Simmons couldn’t get he ball and fell to the floor, while Lowry stood above him. Simmons then swung his left elbow upwards and connected with Lowry’s groin.

Lowry remained down on the floor for several moments as the Raptors got the rebound and pushed pushed back to the other end. Referees didn’t seem to notice the act, and no foul was called.


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