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Antonio Brown accuser talks to NFL, UAW union strikes: 5 things to know



Published 3:25 AM EDT Sep 16, 2019

Antonio Brown’s accuser to meet with NFL

The woman who has accused New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown of sexual assault and rape is scheduled to meet with the NFL on Monday as the league investigates the matter. Britney Taylor filed a civil lawsuit in the Southern District of Florida on Tuesday alleging the incidents occurred in 2017 and 2018. Brown, a 7-time Pro Bowler, denies the allegations. The NFL opted not to place Brown on the commissioner’s exempt list, and Brown played in his first game for the Patriots on Sunday since signing with the team earlier this month. 

What we know about the lawsuit  against Antonio Brown
United Auto Workers go on strike 

The United Automobile Workers started a nationwide strike against General Motors at midnight on Monday. It’s the first national UAW strike since 2007, coming against the backdrop of a federal corruption investigation that has implicated union President Gary Jones and his predecessor, Dennis Williams. The union represents about 46,000 GM autoworkers at 55 facilities in the United States. No talks were known to be scheduled.  “We are standing up for our members and for the fundamental rights of working-class people of this nation,” said Terry Dittes, the union’s GM department vice president. 

Corruption probe hits UAW: Federal corruption investigation involves UAW president, former president
Walmart’s first car seat recycling event starts today

In an effort to make American roads safe for babies, Walmart will kick off its first car seat recycling event Monday at nearly 4,000 stores. The retail giant, which is following Target’s similar trade-in program that would keep car seats out of landfills, will offer customers a $30 gift card to recycle their old car seats. Tom Szaky, CEO and founder of TerraCycle, the company that will be recycling car seats collected at Walmart, said that through the event they “expect to divert the plastic equivalent of approximately 35 million water bottles from landfills.”  

Check your kids’ backpacks: Contigo recalls 5.7 million kids water bottles because of ‘potential choking hazard’
After soaring avocado prices, it’s time to save on green!

Looking to celebrate National Guacamole Day with your own special recipe without breaking the bank on Monday? Well, you might be in luck. The average national price of a Haas avocado was $1.16 last Friday down from $2.10 July 5, according to the most recent Department of Agriculture weekly retail price report. This comes after a summer of record-high avocado prices that was fueled by a growing demand, a smaller California crop and seasonal production in Mexico.There also will be restaurant guacamole deals Monday, including at Chipotle Mexican Grill, where some customers have noticed a recent change in the chain’s guac.  

July record high prices: Avocado prices are skyrocketing, but it’s not because of tariffs
Impact of high avocado prices: With price increase some restaurants take guac off menus
Drone strikes in Saudi Arabia could lead to higher gas prices 

Drone strikes on two major oil facilities in Saudi Arabia Saturday could impact the price of gas in the coming weeks, experts say. Gradual increases may be seen at U.S. gas stations before next weekend depending on how fast the kingdom’s state-owned oil behemoth Saudi Aramco can revive lost output, said Patrick DeHaan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy. Analysts anticipate a knee jerk spike in crude oil prices when the market opens Monday. Although the U.S. is a major oil producer, crude is a global commodity and the impact of catastrophic events ripples across the globe. 

Tensions in the Middle East: Iran denies attacking Saudi oil sites, derides US ‘maximum deceit’  

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