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Caving on wall could end your presidency

Sen. Lindsey Graham wants President Donald Trump to stick to his guns in the fight over funding for a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border and warned that giving in to Democrats’ demands could be “the end of his presidency.” 

With a partial government shutdown – sparked by the fight over funding for the wall – in its second week, the South Carolina Republican on Wednesday told Fox News host Sean Hannity that GOP lawmakers won’t back down “until we get the money.” Trump is seeking the approval of more than $5 billion toward the construction of a border wall.

“I’ll tell you exactly how this is going to end,” Graham told Hannity. “The president is going to challenge the Democrats to compromise and if they continue to say no, they’re going to pay a price with the American people.” 

“If he gives in now, that’s the end of 2019, in terms of him being an effective president,” Graham said.

“That’s probably the end of his presidency,” he added.

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And Graham went a step further, cautioning Republicans, “That’s the end of us if we give in on this issue.” 

Graham’s warning came on the eve of Democrats taking over the House of Representatives.

During a fruitless meeting with congressional Democrats on Wednesday, Trump reportedly indicated that he believes his image is part of what’s at stake in the negotiations. According to CNN, Trump rejected a Democratic proposal to temporarily end the shutdown because he worried, “I would look foolish if I did that.” 

With Republicans like Trump and Graham believing the GOP’s future is riding on the outcome of this budget battle, an end to the government shutdown appears to be unlikely anytime soon. Nancy Pelosi, expected to be selected as the next speaker of the House, said in an NBC interview Thursday morning that she is unwilling to give Trump any money for a border wall. 

“No. Nothing for the wall,” she said. 

When asked Wednesday how long he was willing to keep the government shutdown in order to get the money he wants for a border wall, Trump told reporters, “As long as it takes.” 

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