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Clelin Ferrell channels Suge Knight for recruiting pitch

Clemson dominated Alabama in Monday’s College Football Playoff national championship game, which happened to take place on the West Coast.

That’s important here.

What better time than the trophy presentation for a live, impromptu recruiting pitch? Clemson’s Christian Wilkins and Clelin Ferrell were certainly ready for it.

As Wilkins finished up his interview he told ESPN’s Rece Davis that Ferrell had something to say. Ferrell basically grabbed the mic and gave his own Clemson version of Suge Knight’s Death Row pitch at the 1995 Source Awards.

Ferrell said:

“For any recruits out there, if you wanna come to a program where you gotta worry about your coach all up in the locker room, dancing – COME TO DEATH VALLEY!”

I’d love to know if Dabo Swinney gets the reference, but anyway, here’s the original. The players were going off Knight’s shade thrown at Diddy.

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