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David Letterman says he was ‘frightened’ for Kanye West interview

Even pros like David Letterman can get nervous before interviewing certain people.

In an interview clip with “Sunday Today” host Willie Geist, the late-night veteran revealed he was “frightened” before his interview with Kanye West, recorded as part of the upcoming season of his Netflix show, “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.”

“I was frightened honestly because I had only met him a couple of times on the show, and I knew that depending on the day, you weren’t quite sure which path you were going to be on,” Letterman said, in an apparent reference to West’s mental-health struggles.

Letterman explained that his latest interaction with West began with a visit to a “Sunday Service,” where the “Jesus Walks” rapper leads a choir and performs new versions of his song catalog.

“I didn’t know what to expect,” he recalled. “We went to it early in a sound studio in Burbank and it was remarkably spiritual… it was quite moving.”

After the interview, Letterman says he felt different and more hopeful about West’s situation.

“When I was done with Kanye, I kind of felt like I wanted – you want to kind of father him and I think he’s in good hands, and I think he’s so artistically smart.”

Letterman’s full interview with Geist airs this Sunday.

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