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Dougie Hamilton trolls Brock Nelson back with head pat

The Carolina Hurricanes showed with their postgame celebrations this season that they can have a lot of fun.

So how did the so-called “Bunch of Jerks” respond to being trolled by the New York Islanders’ Brock Nelson earlier in their second-round series?

They trolled him right back – and when it mattered the most.

Nelson had given Hurricanes goalie Curtis McElhinney a pat on the head after a Game 3 goal by teammate Josh Bailey, then got into a shoving match with defensemen Dougie Hamilton.

But the Islanders lost Game 3 and Friday night’s Game 4 and are going home with an unexpected sweep as the Hurricanes advance to the Eastern Conference final.

So in the traditional post-series handshake line, where decorum and niceties usually rule, Hamilton and Nelson shook hands.

Then Hamilton gave Nelson a pat on the head as he skated by. Nelson had to look back to see what happened.

As the Hurricanes’ Twitter feed trolled, “We won tag, too!”









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