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Fiji Girl steals the show with epic photobombs

It appears “A Star Was Born” on the Golden Globes red carpet. 

No, we are not talking about Lady Gaga. We are speaking of Fiji Girl, a woman who stole the show serving up both bottled water and undeniable looks at the awards show Sunday.

Wearing a blue gown and with a tray full of Fiji Water bottles, she was pictured in the background photobombing multiple celebrities, including Jamie Lee Curtis, Richard Madden and Camilla Belle.

The internet dubbed her the “true hero” of the night. See some of her epic cameos:

User @Lightvvoodde said Fiji Girl deserves “all the awards.”

@Kobellic decided to “stan Fiji Girl.”

@jaimelondonboy tweeted the unidentified star “might actually be more famous than the Hollywood stars for being seriously camera thirsty! I love her.”

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