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From Kodi Lee to Niemiller, who could win?

Cydney Henderson


Published 10:38 PM EDT Sep 17, 2019

After 16 weeks of exciting competition, “America’s Got Talent” is one night away from crowning its $1 million champion. 

Which means it all comes down to this. The top 10 acts only have one more chance to blow America away in what Simon Cowell deemed the “best final we’ve ever had.”

And the competition is stiff. The finalists include six golden buzzer winners – singer Kodi Lee, violinist Tyler Butler-Figueroa, acrobatic dance group V. Unbeatable, opera singer Emanne Beasha, Detroit Youth Choir and light up dance group Light Balance Kids  – along with Ndlovu Youth Choir, singer Benicio Bryant; Voices of Service quartet and comedian Ryan Niemiller.

“Every one of them, literally, tonight has the ability to win this show and it’s all going to come down to the next two hours live,” Cowell said at the start of Tuesday’s finale. 

‘America’s Got Talent’: Top 10 finalists are set after shocking reveal!

V. Unbeatable 

The acrobatic group kicked off the show with a jaw-dropping routine dedicated to Vikas Gupta, a team member who was tragically killed in a stunt gone wrong years ago. Their act featured flips, high-energy choreography and unforgettable stunts that received a rowdy standing ovation.

“This was the most exciting, the most dangerous, the most thrilling act in the history of ‘AGT,’ ” Howie Mandel exclaimed, while Cowell added: “If we had one, that would have been a golden buzzer performance… You are not a dance group, you are a movement – what I would call a game changer.”

Detroit Youth Choir

The youth choir kept the energy going with a bold rendition of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Can’t Hold Us” that featured many solos, giving different students a chance to shine. 

“Detroit vs. everybody,” Union yelled while fighting back tears. “Y’all represented for the culture.” Mandel praised the excellence and passion of the youth, adding, “I feel like I’m attending the Simon Cowell Daycare System.”

Emanne Beasha

The talented, young competitors continued with Beasha, the 10-year-old opera singing sensation who turns 11 Wednesday. “If I were to win that would be the best birthday present ever,” she said. 

Her dream can certainly come true after her rendition of “La Mamma Morta.” “You have the most incredible voice. My God, do you deserve to be here tonight,” Cowell said, while Union added: “If an angel dropped down to Earth today, she would sound like you.”

Benicio Bryant

Beasha isn’t the only “AGT” birthday this week. Bryant just turned 15, and much like Beasha, wished to be crowned the winner for his birthday. He took the stage by himself, stripping away the bells and whistles to perform an original song with nothing but his guitar.

“You made a wish that you would win ‘AGT.’ It could just happen,” Hough said, while Cowell added that he “gave himself a real shot after that.” Mandel said that he took a “gamble” writing his own song, a comment Cowell objected to by hitting his red “X.”

Ryan Niemiller

Niemiller is the only comedian to make it to the finals. Onstage he joked about everything from being a “cripple threat” and life after fame to his disability. (He was born with a congenital birth defect in both arms.)

On Tuesday Cowell pleaded with movie producers to give Niemiller a shot because he’s “box office” ready. Cowell’s public appeal was answered seconds later by Union, who said, “I have a production company…I want you to be a star in one of my movies.”

Voices of Service

Before taking the stage, the Voices of Service quartet read touching letters from veterans who wrote to say how the group hasimpacted them while on ‘AGT.’ Their emotionally powerful performance of Leona Lewis’ “Footprints in the Sand” prompted tears from Hough and Union, who called them “instruments of healing.”

“You define the words sincerity, decency and talent,” Cowell said to the former service members. “I wouldn’t have said this three weeks ago, (but) you just given yourself a chance at winning this whole competition.” 

Light Balance Kids

The Ukrainian group performed a quirky and goofy diner-themed routine to DNCE’s “Cake By The Ocean” and didn’t disappoint. “When it mattered, which is tonight, you pulled out the best performance you have done,” Cowell said, after admitting he hasn’t always been a fan. 

Mandel added: “It was a wonderful, delicious snack of talent.” Hough said the group “knocked it out of the park.”

Tyler Butler-Figueroa

The violinist, who beat cancer after being diagnosed with leukemia at age four, performed an emotional performance of Destiny Child’s “Survivor.” Before taking the stage, a video played with fellow young cancer survivors telling Butler-Figueroa how much of an inspiration he is and encouraging him to keep fighting.

“I am bursting with pride for you. That film just says way more than I could ever say on the impact that you’ve had,” Cowell said. “Beyoncé personally cleared that song for you to sing… Tyler, you got a shot here.”

Kodi Lee

Lee’s pre-taped package was something special. The soulful singer, who is blind and has autism, said “the show is meant for me.” Although he said he gets frustrated trying to communicate, he explained that “music makes me feel better. I tell people I love them through my songs.”

He performed a breathtaking rendition of Freya Ridings’ “Lost Without You.” There wasn’t a dry eye in the room, and the crowd chanted Lee’s name as he jumped for joy. Union said “the whole world would be lost if we didn’t have Kodi Lee.”

“Two words come to mind: ‘Heck yeah,'” Mandel said, referencing Lee’s signature line. “I think Season 14 is the season of Kodi Lee and if I had to predict…you are going to walk away with a $1 million.”

A speechless Cowell said it was “one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard.” It’s safe to say Lee has been the front runner of the competition and Tuesday night he solidified his place at the top once again. 

Ndlovu Youth Choir

Last but not least was Ndlovu Youth Choir, which had Hough and Union dancing out of their seats the entire performance. 

“I pray that this show can change people’s lives, and I think that performance just may have done it,” Cowell said, adding that this was “the best final I have ever sat in on my life.” Union added, “You are the pride of Africa, the pride of America.” 

The power to decide who wins is now entirely up to fans around the world. The winner of “America’s Got Talent” will be revealed during a live season finale results show on Tuesday night(NBC, 8 EST/PST). 

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