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Get ready to describe coffee in a whole new way

You’re at your local store, perusing all the options the coffee aisle has to offer. You pass the blends you’re already familiar with — but you want to try something new this time. How can you ensure you’re choosing a flavor that’s going to match your coffee preference, but in a new and exciting way?

The answer? By mastering the key coffee characteristics (aroma, body, flavor and acidity) and knowing how they apply to the coffee you tend to favor.

For example, say you’re considering the new Starbucks Premium Select Collection and see the term “medium-bodied” used to describe the Kenya African Blend.

To determine the “body” of coffee, think about the way your favorite coffee feels on your tongue. Is it light, like non-fat milk? Or does it tend to linger in your mouth the way that whole milk does? If you’re looking for something that falls more in the middle, the medium-bodied Starbucks Premium Select Kenya African Blend might be your new go-to.

This blend is just one of three remarkable new whole bean options from Starbucks that capture the premier growing regions of Costa Rica, Kenya and Brazil. Each offering embodies distinct coffee characteristics and notes from these exotic locations, from the sweet lemon and smooth cocoa in the Costa Rica Latin American Blend to the maple, vanilla and toasted nuts found in the Brazil Latin American Blend.

Plenty of conversations happen over coffee. But when it comes to communicating what you’d like to find in your next cup, you’ll want to make sure you know how to talk the talk. Watch the video above to learn more about how to use your senses to identify your preferences — and visit to discover flavor that takes you places.

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