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‘Grease’ star posts picture of with shaved head

Corrections & Clarifications: A previous version of this story misstated John Travolta’s age.

“Grease” is no longer the word when it comes to John Travolta’s hair.

The actor, 64, posted a picture of himself with a sleekly shaved head on his Instagram account for a New Year’s look. We’ll be darned if he doesn’t look pretty radically awesome.

“I hope everyone had a great New Year!” the ruggedly bearded Travolta wrote in the caption of the picture where he hoists a martini with olive next to his daughter, Ella.

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Travolta has sported some questionable hair looks in recent years, which could be a thing of the past with the new style. The actor shaved the head to play a secret agent in 2010’s “From Paris With Love.”

The comments on Travolta’s boldly bald post were enthusiastically supportive, certainly far better reviews than he received for his last role as the mobster don in the critically derided “Gotti.”

“Bald is really, really beautiful!!!” wrote one, while another wrote, “Promise to never cover up again unless it is for a role!!!! 😘”



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