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I took a ride in Disney’s virtual reality concept car

LAS VEGAS — It’s not coming out anytime soon, but the folks at Audi and Disney would like you to know how cool it would be to take a virtual reality ride in the backseat of a new electric car. 

“Are we there yet?” is a phrase parents would probably never hear in this VR concept.  

The set-up: I went to the Speed Vegas racetrack on the outskirts of town, to jump into an Audi e-tron, the new electric car which is slated for a 2019 release. The only thing different about this model is the bright white viewer on the back of the headrests for the driver and front seat passenger. Audi calls it a “futuristic concept.”

I got in the backseat, donned an Oculus Rift VR headset, put a remote control in my hand, and off the driver went. 


Once moving along, my senses went into another dimension, as I watched the “Marvel’s Avengers Rocket’s Rescue Run” game, an inter-planetary shoot-em-up with cartoon characters, Iron Man and lots of rocket ships and planets. 


The car itself zigged and zagged around the course of the speed track, and that added to the sensation of zooming through outer space. “If the car drives through a right turn, the spaceship in the experience does the same,” notes Audi. Whether mom and dad can re-create the experience on the freeway and through town is another story. 



Disney’s Games and Interactive Experiences division produced the game with Marvel, and would like you to know that the car will be seen in the next Avengers movie, “Avengers: Endgame,” which will be released in April. Rocket, from the game, is featured in the new film. 

Audi’s aim was “to demonstrate how a backseat passenger can enjoy their journey even more using the most innovative VR technology.”

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