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Mandy Moore’s dad is American Airlines pilot, stepmom on flight crew

Few people have the opportunity to experience flying with a family member as their pilot. But Mandy Moore got to when she flew with her father, who just celebrated 40 years with American Airlines.

The singer and actress recently posted the exciting familial milestone on Instagram.

“I was today years old when I finally visited my dad at work,” Moore described on Instagram. “He’s been a captain at @americanair since before I was born (he just celebrated his 40 year anniversary at the company- go dad!) and today was my first time ever flying with him.”

Moore, 35, noted that her stepmom also works for American Airlines as a flight attendant and was also working on the flight from London. “I got some face time with both them on their breaks (and took the requisite cockpit shots before we left London).”

According to American Airlines’ website, becoming a pilot requires several credentials, some of which include excellent communication skills, quick and accurate decision making and the ability to work varying hours and days.

Moore posted a thumbs up emoji to describe her dad’s landing.

USA TODAY has reached out to Mandy Moore’s representatives and American Airlines for comment.

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