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Missing Massachusetts woman found alive

Boston police found a 23-year-old woman reported missing over the weekend alive on Tuesday and arrested a suspect for her kidnapping.

Investigators took Olivia Ambrose to a hospital for evaluation after finding her in the apartment of Victor Pena, Boston Police Commissioner William Gross said at a press conference. 

Olivia Ambrose’s twin sister, Franny Ambrose, said she last saw her leaving a bar in downtown Boston with a man on Saturday at about 11 p.m. The sisters went to Hennessy’s bar near Faneuil Hall with friends to see a rock band, the Boston Globe reported. Police said that man was not involved in her disappearance and released surveillance images of another man she was seen with on the streets.

Pena, 38, approached Ambrose with another man that night, Gross said surveillance video showed, and physically guided and held onto her. Ambrose did not appear to be going along willingly, Gross said. 

Police eventually located Ambrose and Pena in the city’s Charlestown neighborhood on Tuesday. The suspect opened his apartment door willingly and police found Ambrose standing in the apartment in good health, Gross said. 

The investigation is ongoing, Gross said, as authorities need to interview Ambrose. Police have shared case details with the District Attorney and said Pena may face additional charges. Gross said authorities are looking to determine whether the other man seen with Ambrose and Pena is a suspect, if there are other victims and if Pena was in the bar before approaching Ambrose on the streets. 

After Pena’s arrest, The Boston Globe reported neighbors said they recognized him in the surveillance photos and have been concerned about his behavior. Magaly Galvis told the Globe that Pena stared at her 14-year-old daughter Tiffany from his apartment last week and made noises. 

“I just ran home because I didn’t know what he was going to do,” Tiffany told the Globe. 

Olivia Ambrose grew up in Wenham but recently moved to Boston’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood.

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