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Rookie kickers fail the Cody Parkey test

The Chicago Bears are searching for a kicker after dumping Cody Parkey after a heartbreaking loss to the Philadelphia Eagles during the 2018 NFL playoffs.

Parkey, who hit the uprights a total of six times during the course of the season, had his 43-yard attempt at a game-winner tipped at the line, and watched as the ball bounced off the upright and the crossbar.

Chicago cut Parkey in March. The Bears had eight kickers on the field in mini-camp on Friday, and each player was given a chance to convert from 43 yards. Only two kickers successfully converted from the spot.

Bears coach Matt Nagy said that the kickers aren’t solely to blame, and noted that the snap and hold on some attempts weren’t perfect. Still, in a practice setting on May 3, a 25 percent success rate from a comfortable distance isn’t exactly ideal.

“That’s not good enough,” he said, according to ESPN. “Now I will say this: We always look at the end result of what happens, which is 100 percent what matters, right? But as we’re learning, two of those eight holds and snaps, it wasn’t 100 percent, all right. I’ll leave it at that.

“So it’s not always, ‘So we’ve got to work through that.’ That’s why after today we’re not going to just go about and make rash decisions or anything. We’re going to play it out.”

Many Bears fans are hoping that Robbie Gould will return to the team, after the current 49ers kicker made it clear that he wants out of San Francisco.

The 49ers, however, do not seem intent on parting with Gould, who led the NFL in 2018 with a field goal percentage of 97.1.


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