Stephen Moore out as Fed pick after uproar on comments about women | News Coverage from USA

Stephen Moore out as Fed pick after uproar on comments about women

WASHINGTON – Economics writer Stephen Moore withdrew his name from consideration for a seat on the powerful Federal Reserve board, the second pick for the central bank to pull out in a month, President Donald Trump said Thursday.

“I’ve asked Steve to work with me toward future economic growth in our Country,” Trump tweeted.

On April 22, former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain pulled his name from consideration for a Fed seat because of Republican opposition in the Senate.

Moore would also have faced a tough confirmation fight, in part because of writings that critics said disparaged women.

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The White House had said this week that it was reviewing Moore’s writings, including a column in which he argued that women should be banned from broadcasting or refereeing men’s college basketball games. 

The long-time columnist has also been a critic of the Federal Reserve.

Trump, claiming the Fed has been too willing to raise interest rates, had hoped to place Moore and Cain on the seven-member board to help force changes in the way it operates.

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Moore said in an interview over the weekend that he would be willing to withdraw if he became a problem for Trump.

“I don’t want to be a liability,” Moore told The Wall Street Journal. “Why should we risk a Senate seat for a Federal Reserve board person, you know? I mean that just doesn’t make any sense.”

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