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This massive Samsung 8K TV is $3,000 off again—but not for long

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A few weeks ago, we got wind of an incredible sale on Massdrop for a massive, cutting edge TV from Samsung that supports 8K picture quality. And it’s back again for a few days, so if you missed the first chance to save $3,000 on a $10,000 TV, you’re in luck!

This TV is 82 inches, has a QLED screen (which is basically comparable to OLED but more expensive), and offers 8K clarity. In a world where 4K is already pretty much standard, it makes sense Samsung would already be looking ahead to the next big thing. This 8K Q900 TV is certainly not for everyone, but if you’ve got $7,000 burning a hole in your bank account and want to be the talk of the neighborhood, this sale is really amazing.

What makes this TV so great?

I spoke with our resident home theater expert, Lee Neikirk, to see what he thinks about the TV. Lee has tested thousands of TVs over the years, so I was thrilled when he said Samsung’s QLED game is strong enough already that even without testing it he is confident it’s amazing. 

“I think the QLED line has been getting better for a few years and it has the swagger to pull off that size of TV without blemishes or loss of quality,” he told me.

The Q900 has a bunch of great features beyond being gigantic and beautiful to watch. It works with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, has a Bixby-driven smart TV platform built right in, has an Ultra HD picture for deeper blacks and brighter whites and colors, and lets you enable ambient mode so your TV transforms into a living work of art when it’s not being used. It also has four HDMI ports, three USB ports, and an ethernet port. The TV is massive, and it weighs 110-112 pounds (the stand adds an extra 2 pounds), so keep that in mind if you want to mount it on a wall.

Do you need an 8K TV?

Honestly, no one NEEDS 8K yet. No one even films anything in 8K yet. Maybe they never will. But if you’ve got $7,000 burning a hole in your pocket, why the heck not go for it? The massive size of the screen, according to Lee, is actually ideal for 8K content, if and when people start making it. And Samsung claims to up-convert content to be as close to 8K as they can get it, which sweetens the deal a bit. Plus, if you’re a gamer and prefer PlayStation, the new PS5 is going to support 8K too (probably also up-conversions, but still, it’s exciting).

So if you want to get ahead of the game, or you just want that flex when your friends come over, this could be your chance. The sale runs through Sunday, April 28, which is when you’ll be charged if you decide to buy it, and the TVs will ship on May 17 (well worth the wait for this savings). You do have to create a Massdrop account to access the deal, but it’s free so it won’t cut into your over-the-top TV budget.

Get the 2019 Samsung 82-Inch Q900 QLED Smart 8K UHD TV at Massdrop for $6,999 (Save $3,000)

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