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World’s loneliest duck dies after dog attack in Pacific island

Trevor, once dubbed the “world’s loneliest duck,” has died.

The lone mallard that lived near a puddle on the tiny Pacific island of Niue was found dead after being attacked by a dog, a fan page for Trevor announced Friday. 

Last year, Trevor’s story gained international attention after a journalist visiting the island asked for directions and was told to “turn right after the duck.” 

Aside from being a local landmark, the duck was also a sort of local celebrity. The island has no ducks aside from Trevor. No one really knows how he found its way to Niue, an island of less than 2,000 people without wetlands or ponds. 

“He showed up in Niue in January last year after a big storm, we think he flew or blew here,” Rae Findlay, Niue’s Chamber of Commerce chief and the person behind Trevor’s Facebook page, told the BBC.

While he didn’t have any duck friends on the island, he wasn’t all that lonely. Members of the community visited him often, making sure his puddle was full of water and he was fed.

He also made friends with a chicken and her four chicks.

“Taken too soon by a dog. Rest in Peace Trevor,” Findlay wrote. “You were a very cool duck!”

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